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Celebrating Our 25th Year | 1985 - 2010
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Benthic Sample Processing

NEA provides comprehensive macro-invertebrate (benthos) related services to our clients, including private individuals, developers, industry and government agencies. With our in house laboratory and qualified staff, NEA offers professional and timely sample processing, tailored to your study requirements.

Staff have extensive experience completing all components of the Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) including: study design; specimen collection in lake and river habitats; sample sorting and identification to the Order and Family level; data input in the OBBN database; statistical analysis (Hilsenhoff biotic index, BioMap and Simpsons Diversity Index) and report publication of findings.

Our lead benthos identification expert has had over 5 years' experience collecting, sorting and identifying benthos from all over Ontario. Her comprehensive experience has been acquired by directly processing and identifying over 400 samples to family. All NEA aquatic staff have been trained in the Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network and the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol.

In addition to sampling, sorting and identification services, NEA can also facilitate tissue analysis of benthic samples including heavy metals, volatile organic carbon (VOC), PCBs and total mercury.

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